Blacksoil’s unique irrigation formula is designed to respond and adapt to every soil type, so all farmers can benefit from larger, healthier and more regular crops.

On-site soil analysis ensures that each farmer receives the right mixture of water, phosphate, inoculants and agricultural cal liquid to create the best growing conditions.

Seeds start absorbing moisture from the soil as soon as they’re planted. By adding liquid phosphate to the soil at the same time Blacksoil helps accelerate germination. Tests show that our unique liquid phosphate delivers 200% – 300% more nutrient absorption than physical phosphate.

Our liquid fertilizers make sure that crops are given all the help they need throughout the growing cycle in order to grow quickly and healthily and produce a larger harvest. Traditional solid fertilizers are slow to act, compete for soil moisture, and can cost up to 80% more than our liquid alternative.

We add soil inoculants and agricultural cal liquid to our irrigation formula to protect and improve the long-term quality of soil. Traditional agricultural lime is extremely expensive, costing farmers up to 900 USD per ton. Our cal liquid costs up to five times less while directly helping to increase production by 30%.

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