Blacksoil’s revolutionary technology is built to last, easy to use, and cheap to run.

Our equipment has been designed to be totally responsive so farmers can add exactly the right amount of water, nutrients and inoculants to their furrows depending on individual soil and weather conditions.

Blacksoil is universal. We created a technology that will work with every type of sowing machine. It takes less than four hours to install our equipment, under an hour to remove it, and it can be fitted to machines running between 2 and 100 sowing lines.

Irrigating topsoil is expensive and uses a lot of water that can be quickly lost before seeds have a chance to use it. With Blacksoil we increase the amount of water that reaches seeds while dramatically cutting the total amount of water used.

Our equipment pays for itself within a year through increased yields and more regular harvests. It’s also a smart investment. A farmer can buy Blacksoil equipment for the equivalent price of having to re-sow 50 hectares of land due to poor germination.

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