Economic Benefits

– Liquid phosphorous has lower cost per assimilable P unit.
– Applying liquid phosphorus during the sowing process reduces the fertilization cost significantly by saving the cost of applying fertilizers previous to the sowing.
– We match the seeder´s autonomy with our machine’s special formula, rising the operational capacity of the application equipments by recharging them simultaneously.

Productive Advantages

Product´s efficiency:

– The element phosphorus is found in nature as a mineral of phosphate rock. This mineral is submitted to several treatments in order to produce solid fertilizers, but some of the phosphorus remains insoluble in water, therefore not available for the plant’ s requirements and have large amounts of non fertile residues.  On the other hand, our liquid fertilizer is 100% water soluble, and is composed 100% by the element in its assimilable form, optimizing efficiency as it is completely available for the plant. This huge difference makes our fertilizer more soil friendly and leaves the phosphorus completely available for whenever the plant needs it.

Humidity dependence:

– One of the first issues a farmer has to struggle with as sowing initiates is the soil moist, which can be insufficient and make it impossible to proceed. The fertilization applied in the bottom of the furrow along with the seed makes the sowing process independent of the soil moist, allowing the farmer to sow even with no moist.

Acidity vs mobility:

– Phosphorous has very low mobility, which depends on the organic matter and decreases with acidity.  Solid phosphorus´ formula has a small percentage of P element available for the cultivation. On the other hand,  we apply P together with water, taking pH levels to near 7, minimizing the chances of preexisting soil P immobilization, while our liquid fertilizer is 100% available for the plant in the most friendly environment, despite the  kind of soil we are sowing.


– It is not compulsory to add water when we work with liquid P, still all trails done through several regions and countries show how water and P have a positive interaction during the germination process and growth of the seedling; our high yields reflect the benefits of increasing the amount of water.  As precision is crucial these days, and satellite mapping of the harvester and seeder are available, our system allows to dose fertilizer according to specific  field requirements, from the tractor´s cabin.
– The agronomic result is positive in every soil and cultivation with response to phosphorus and nitrogen.